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A Big Five Leader

Leaders’ role and responsibility may seem easy, but we often underestimate the struggle to curb certain patterns of behaviour or certain dominant facets of his or her personality. The truth is that a majority of successful leaders have had to exert significant effort on personal growth—either by managing or offsetting traits that could have hindered their careers.
Moving up the hierarchy into new roles or environments, leaders may find they need to play up or rein in different facets of their personality. The qualities that were once strengths can transform into vulnerabilities.

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The Insight Story: Shaping & Empowering Champions for Peak Performance

Talent development refers to the processes and activities that organizations undertake to help their employees grow, improve their skills, and reach their full potential. The goal of talent development is to enhance the overall performance and competitiveness of an organization by creating a pipeline of skilled, knowledgeable, and motivated employees.

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The survey conducted by EY stated, nearly half of all companies indicated that cost-cutting measures are a priority. Others include cashflow management, re-prioritizing of business activities and investments and adjusting wages or applying for wage subsidies.

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Emerging Sales Leader Programme

2020 is a challenging year to most of enterprise who wish to grow or maintain their businesses’ performance during this pandemic wave that impacting the global economy.

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