Impact of global Coronavirus outbreak has tremendously reshaped the economy and the talent strategy. Such unprecedented situation fosters the shifts in how we work, where we work and the technologies we engaged to stay connected.

Many firms started to lay-off people, but some are expanding rapidly because they are business-on-demand during Covid-19 namely logistics, necessities, gloves and medical supply chain. Some firms take the opportunity to conduct housekeeping to streamline their resources and plan forward.

Harvard Business Review – 21 HR Jobs of the Future highlighted 73% of workers depend on their employers for support in preparing for the future of work. In such research, employees are seeking the guidance on how to navigate their “new normal”, it is a time where CHRO is entrusted with this opportunity to reshape the HR strategy, leading employees and organization to revive out from the plight!

Amongst those key enhancements in talent strategies, such as:
  • Talent Acquisition – analyse the job context and map the right candidate to the role
  • Leadership Development – identify the competency gap and put in improvement plan
  • Succession Planning – gauge the readiness of the candidate for succession program
  • Engage & Retain – study the motivation drive of each candidate for engagement campaign
  • Dynamic Team – conduct SWOT analysis of each member to optimize team performance.
CHRO often engage scientific assessment tools to help them leveraging personality profiles of their talent. A global validated psychometric assessment tools shall highly configurable to the corporate competencies that derived from different proficiency level.  A calibre tool could discover the strengths and potentials of the candidate for self enhancement. It could easily profile the candidate through the cluster traits reading. Proven a strong behavioral value will empower candidate to unleash their strength for greater result and prepare them for next level of success.
So, all to say: CHANGES is inevitable and better to act before too late. The new-normal create new era of people management, so accept the change and seize the talents!  The vitality of the organizations and their workforce are closely interlinked. 
Clifford Liow
Principal Consultant | Tic Tac Toe Consulting Malaysia