Coronavirus has causing the world grappling with death every hour. Besides impacting human being, there is also a significant impact to commercial world globally. Today, 94% of the Fortune 1000 companies are disrupted by COVID-19. Given such unprecedented situation, how can HR play a role to retain the business sustainability during this tough time? Resource streamlining is the first task HR need to address to save company from insolvency risk! 

Cost-cutting, paid-cut, downsizing, VSS and retrenchment are the terms used for resource streamlining campaigns. But what after next? Many firms plan to reengage, upskill their remaining resources to prepare them when economy restored. Some CEO friends of mine called it – internal housekeeping. It is to review the current resources and build them strong. But I would say, since it is an internal housekeeping, why don’t you take this opportunity to conduct internal health check by having team behavioural screening?

A global trusted assessment tool is commonly used to assess the capabilities of a talent. An effective psychometric assessment reveals the potential of an individual, help them for self-acceleration and highlighting the way how they could be more successful if they leverage on their strengths, and develop from gap. When we assess all team member and put their reports together, we could analyse how each team member behaves on the job, their work preferences, strengths and limitation, hidden potential and possible thread. The output of the assessment shall table out a clear team dynamic, gives suggestion on how to seize each member’s strengths to create a winning workforce. 

Some snapshots of OD-Tools Assessment on team profile study:

Team Role Analysis: Identify the role of an individual in team mapping

Work Attributes Analysis: Analyse how individual behave at work 

Key benefits of team behavioural screening:
  • Create effective interactions to enhance team performance
  • Discover the strengths and challenges of a team including team decision-making potential
  • Identify the right job roles for team members
  • Assess the potential for cooperation or conflict
  • Establish clear guidelines for effective interactions
  • Reveal blind-spots that may undermine performance
  • Facilitate team self-discovery to accelerate the team performance process
So, the internal team behavioural screening is important to improve team function and efficiency towards greater productivity. It also helps to promote a healthier corporate working culture. Pandemic age discovers many bakers, creative producer, home chef, drivers when their potential get unleashed. What about your team members at work? Do you know their potential well?
Clifford Liow
Principal Consultant | Tic Tac Toe Consulting Malaysia